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Thursday, January 3, 2013

So Temporary This Life

I sat next to someone during the Bangkok writers’meeting  on the 7th of November , and now I find he is no more. He was a writer, and though I did not become great friends with him in that short time, we did exchange a few moments of fun talk, standing with others over a beer. Seems strange then to lose someone within a month and a half of meeting. He had a heart attack on his return from a New Year party. He was 61.

RIP Mo Tejani.

Damini, the girl who lost her life after being gang raped in a bus on the 16th of December , would she have even dreamt of such an end to her life as she got out of watching the movie The Life of Pi  at Saket and in all innocence took the bus back home with her friend. She must have laughed and joked or argued vehemently with her friend over the movie, may have hated or loved it, we will never know.
She was 23.

RIP Damini.

It is kind of hitting me, the temporary nature of being. And of how life can suddenly and sometimes cruelly change into death.

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