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Thursday, November 14, 2013

RANDOM ENCOUNTER: Auto rickshaw man on 12th November 2013 afternoon

Name: Kazim Rasool
Age: 60 years
Education: 10thgrade . Regrets not having studied further, for he would have had to go to Aligarh for that.
Resident of Budaoin, Uttar Pradesh. 250 kms from Delhi.
Addiction: Reading the newspaper every morning.
Quotes: “Love of newspapers is an addiction like any other. But it is harmless one and increases knowledge and awareness.”
“There is no good or bad job. It is the man on the job who is good or bad.”
“I work because I want to have my limbs active and alert. There is no need for me to drive the auto.”
“I don’t cheat anyone. For example, I don’t take people who are new to the city on a round- about ride. God is watching.”

Feeling after interaction with him: Peaceful. Good to meet people like him.

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