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Friday, November 13, 2015

Praise for my EDITING SKILLS

I worked with Abha to edit the MS of the debut novel. It was a really tough decision to hire an editor in the first place as one has lot of doubts and worries. But I am glad that I looked past all that and hired Abha to work on the book. Under her careful guidance and critical eye, the MS transformed from a vague 50 K word draft (with lots of loose strings) to a tight-gripping, emotional and well paced fantasy thriller. 

She helped add texture to key characters, clarity to location settings and lots of spice to the sub-plots. The best thing about her is her candidness and honesty. She communicates her thoughts and ideas very clearly, leaving hardly any scope for ambiguity and confusion. She also has this amazing knack for picking up minor glitches in continuity, naming and settings of the story - which is very impressive! Her punctuality, dedication and overall enthusiasm about the project, made working with her a very enjoyable experience. 

I am grateful to her for giving her time, attention and care to this project and would love to work with her again. 


PM , Author of YA novel, on 13th May 2105

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  1. Congrats ! Those appreciative comments speak volumes about you and your editing skills.