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Monday, January 29, 2018

15th January 2018-spoke as panelist on the topic ' Na Sifaarish, na Khandaan, Banegi Apni Pehchaan

आभा आयंगर, मिनाक्षी अमोल और मनोरमा बक्शी पैनल पर. अनोखी क्लब की ६० शो. हिंदुस्तान अखबार द्वारा प्रायोजित. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Praise for my editing skills 3 - Piyush Rohankar


            You were referred to me by a common friend of ours who gave very good review about your style of working and editing. So I decided to avail your services and true to the review I got about you I too had a wonderful experience working under your guidance. Your schedule for editing was very time bound. The clarification asked for was duly addressed and the editing of the novel was good. Moreover I got to learn quite a few things about presentation, Grammar, structuring of sentences and paragraphs. Thank you ma'am for all your patient help and guidance and all the insight into editing. It was a wonderful learning experience for me. I admire your professional and friendly approach to work. I hope I get an opportunity to work under your guidance in near future again.

Thank you, Piyush!